Past Events


30 March

Online Check-In Session

27 February

PhD Workshop

Anna Parker (Cambridge), Holly Fletcher (Cambridge), Laura Roberts (Oxford)

30 January

Jan Machielsen (History, Cardiff)

Liesbeth Corens (History, QMUL)


12 December (UCL)

Laura Gowing (History, KCL)

Filippo de Vivo (History, Birkbeck)

21 November (QMUL)

Morgan Ng (JRF, History of Art and Architecture, Cambridge) on Renaissance Macroinfrastructures

17 October (Birkbeck)

Edmund Wareham (History, Cambridge), “The Convent and its Peasants”

Suzanna Ivanič (History, Kent) “Rethinking religion with objects in Prague”

25 April (UCL)

Hannah Briscoe (PhD candidate, History, Birmingham), Biblical Literature for Children in German Lutheranism

21 March (UCL)

Erin Maglaque (History, Sheffield), “The Body and Political Thought in Renaissance Venice”

21 February (UCL)

Jacqueline Glomski (Center for Editing Lives and Letters, UCL), ‘Libraries and Religion in the 17th Century’

Group Discussion: goal-setting, research plans, trouble-shooting

24 January (UCL)

Giacomo Giudici (Warburg Institute), “Deploying Paper as a Performance of Power: The Sforza, Dukes of Milan (1450-1535)”

Andrew Chen (Cambridge, History of Art),’ An Italian Friar’s Problem with Images, ca. 1500′


14 December (UCL)

Lucian Staiano-Daniels

Helen Kemp

15 November (UCL)

Jaap Geraerts (Center for Editing Lives and Letters, UCL), ‘Sacred space in the Dutch Republic: Catholics and their churches’

19 October (UCL)

Solene Rivoal

Anna Gialdini

27 September (UCL)

shorter pieces workshop: book proposals, etc.

23 July

Matthew Champion (History, Birkbeck) on Erasmus’s bells

9 May (KCL)

Lyndal Roper (History, Oxford) on Luther and the Jews

25 April (KCL)

Joan Redmond (History, KCL) on conversion and the 1641 Irish Rebellion

Jess Balls (History, PhD candidate, UEA) on air pollution and sensory impairment in eighteenth-century London

1 February (KCL)

Regine Maritz (History, DHI Paris) on Sibylla von Anhalt and Friedrich of Württemberg (m. 1581-1608)


23 November (UCL)

Allison Stielau (History of Art, UCL) on Anabaptist currency

24 October (UCL)

Tom Töelle (PhD Candidate, History, Princeton) on royal frailty at the court of Charles II of Spain

22 September (UCL)

Hannah Murphy (History, Renaissance Skin, KCL) on artisanal culture in Nuremberg

Goal-setting Workshop

17 August (KCL)

Kat Hill (History, Birkbeck) on mapping Lutheran memory

21 June (KCL)

Róisín Watson (History, Leibniz-Institut für europäische Geschichte) on contemplation in seventeenth-century Germany